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Syracuse.com article of June 18, 2015

Hannah Ackerman article in Military Times, October 25, 2014

Omaha World News article of July 15, 2014

ABC News article of April 10,2014

Virginian Pilot article of September 28,3013

State Senator Solicitation

News Release May 22, 2014

History- 1960's  - Joe Mulitsch (Survivor) (Posted 22 August 2011)

History - Memorials - Ken Frye (Posted 16 March 2011)

Friendships Tab - As Built Photos SUMNER Class Destroyer (Posted 27 February 2011)

Friendships Tab - Related Links (Posted 2 November 2010)

Eunice Sage Dies at 87  (Posted 6 October 2010)

USN/RAN Post Collision Movie Films (Posted 29 August 2010)

"I Relieve You Sir"  Video  (Posted 5 August 2010)

Letter to President Obama (Posted 22 March 2010)

 Books and DVDs (Posted 10 January 2010)

 Photos of the "74 Lost" (Posted 17 August 2009)

 40th Commemoration Ipswitch, Queensland, Australia (Posted 28 July 2009

 Sage Brothers Memorial Dedication (Posted 16 July 2009)

 30th Commeration Sydney, Australia (Posted 16 July 2009) 

 Photo Gallery Reunion Photos from 1992 - 2010 (Posted 7 December 2010)

 Artifact (Posted 6 July 2009)

 40th Commemoration Long Beach (Posted 13 June 2009)

Welcome to the Official Website of the 
USS Frank E. Evans (DD 754) Association, Inc.
This website is dedicated to the men who served aboard  the USS Frank E. Evans (DD 754), including those who were lost on 
3 June 1969, and to the families and friends of those fine sailors.